As we celebrate 4/20 this year, I want to tell a true story how marijuana use allowed me to save a man's life. I spoke to this man, my neighbor, Jack, yesterday. He thanked me again for saving him. I have a legal medical marijuana license. I was with my wife and we were sitting outside under our shade tree in our backyard where I was using medication.

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It was a hot day and most people in the area were indoors running their AC units. Doubtful anyone else would have heard Jack's fall. He had gone up on his roof to check his AC. As he was coming down, he slipped and fell off the roof. In the photo below, you can see where he tried to catch himself by grabbing the rain gutter. It didn't prevent the fall.

Jack, my neighbor

Jack landed on the ground, fell backward and hit his head -- which cracked open like a coconut. I heard a strange, hollow thud and told my wife, "That's not a good sound." I went to investigate. Jack was out cold on the ground. I hopped our fence and went for a closer look. Jack's brains were openly exposed; there was quite a bit of blood and he laid their unconscious.

I ran into their home and called for his wife, Penny. I shocked her of course. I was wearing only board shorts and surprised her while she was working in a back room. I calmed her and gained her cooperation. She came with me, saw Jack and screamed!!! I again calmed her and we returned inside to get some ice. My wife was calling 911.

Our calm action got Emergency Responders to their home quickly. They were able to stabilize Jack. He needed some 18 staples to pull his head together again but he survived. He told us afterward the injury forced him to spend his 75th birthday in the hospital, yet had we not heard him fall, he would not have made it to celebrate.

I know of no reports of marijuana overdose leading to death. Jack will tell you marijuana use gave him a second chance at life. He thanks me every time he sees me.

CELEBRATE 420 and the Green Revolution !!!

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