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About Scott Goold
Isn't it great to live in America? In the early 1900s, my grandfather signed the registration roles at Ellis Island. His family immigrated here from Denmark. Some of my Knudsen family landed in Hawai'i. I grew up around wooden shoes and pictures of windmills.

Today we are working to create more windmills in the U.S. Isn't that a fantastic touch of irony? We return to our roots, although using more advanced technologies and materials, as we work to end our addiction to oil — particularly foreign sources.

While I am eternally thankful for this opportunity to grow up and live in this land, I am disappointed in my fellow Americans. We have lost our way as a nation. We appear to be endlessly selfish, dominated by a "ME" generation. This is not our greatest feature.

People like my grandfather, my wife's grandfather, former WWII POW, Ray Larribas, lived as Americans should live. They sacrificed for each other. They cared about this nation and our ideals.

Today we need better Leadership. We need to focus more on Team Building, both here and around the planet. Brand American used to stand for Quality and Excellence. Few people would use these terms in our modern environment.
End Know-Nothing Politics
Paul Krugman wrote (8.8.08): In any case, remember this the next time someone calls for an end to partisanship, for working together to solve the country's problems. It's not going to happen -- not as long as one of America's two great parties believes that when it comes to politics, stupidity is the best policy. [complete article]
Purpose and Objectives
We are nearly a decade into the 21st century, but we have made little forward progress. As Americans our situation is challenging, to say the least, we no longer lead the world; we no longer lead here at home as conditions around the world affect us more and more each day. It is time to talk about Leadership. Are we headed in the right direction as a nation?

Shortly after September 11th, 2001, this nation stood united. Yet we are not standing together today. Is this due to our greed, our lack of tolerance or our cultural differences? I don't believe this is why we struggle. We fail because we don't understand Team Building. We have forgotten how to consistently commit to Excellence. We can no longer say we are Winning as a society. Our current situation doesn't look like Success.

At Scott Goold.org, we are working to develop quality Leadership; we must structure our lives so we enhance Team Building; Excellence must again characterize American products and services. Americans can once again return to being Winners as well as a nation that focuses on Success.

About Our Photos
In my top line photos, I feature some important people and events. At the left, we see Madonna as she devotes time and money to the Raising Malawi project in Africa. She works to improve conditions for orphaned children by providing group housing, schools and better medical care. The Material Girl has matured and now dedicates her life to giving back to so many. (see our Sticky & Sweet tour review)

The center photo captures a unique shot from HoopCamp.net. For 15 years, Scott Goold was co-director of an annual basketball camp to provide quality sports education for Special Needs athletes in a unified environment. We blended traditional athletes with Special Olympians to allow both groups to enhance their skills. Traditional athletes played alongside Special Needs athletes and helped also as volunteer coaches. Today, HoopCamp.net provides basketball camp organizational consulting. We train you not only to teach basketball fundamentals, but how to offer all athletes an opportuntiy to develop a greater understanding of their blessings.

The photo at the top right highlights one of my favorite creatures in the sea ... the honu (Hawai'ian for turtle). See our surf competition photos. This beautiful guy reminds of of our obligation to the planet. I kind of think he is looking at us ... asking why we rush to destroy nature and the blessings we all have. We share similar goals: we want decent living conditions, safe communities for ourselves and our children, and a world that is not on a path toward self-destruction.

To accomplish these shared goals, we must cooperate with each other; be tolerant of different cultural and political values; and recognize that we must SHARE the planet.