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December 1st, 2009 :: Permalink

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And another domino falls ... we callously watch the plight of others one by one until fate eventually comes knocking at our own door.

We are broke - individual households and our government. Each program we reduce or cut makes matters worse - both socially and financially.

Most are too short-sighted to see this; others puff up smugly in their delight to end the "welfare gravy train." This is the contagion of deflation and fear.

Our current predicament reflects the financial crisis on Wall Street but the roots of this emergency run deeper. We have transferred so much wealth from our public coffers and the middle class that we're left with few options. We can only sit by idly and watch as America implodes on herself.

In 1979 the Top 20% garnered 45.4 percent of America's wealth; by 2005 our evolved system allowed them to capture 55.1 percent. Please see my analysis at:

The middle class has collapsed. Our national debt approaches $13 TRILLION. Jobs and capital are fleeing the nation. America cannot take care of our poor, the sick or feeble. It's every man, woman and child for themselves today.

I sympathize with Jon Berliner in that, "I'm sure I'll have more to say ..."