Shaky prospects in Afghanistan

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December 2nd, 2009 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
Neo-conservative leader Billy Kristol exuberantly writes today that Mr. Obama "spoke as a war president" and "acknowledged that he and his party were wrong about the Iraq surge in 2007 - after all, the rationale for this surge is identical to Bush's, and the hope is for a similar success."

WeeHee ... $30+ BILLION more on top of the $100+ BILLION we're spending per year and we can look forward to success similar to what we see today in Iraq. We are insane!

It is estimated there are less than 100 Jihadist Al Qaeda Aligned Salafi Shariats in Afghanistan. This surge works out to $300,000,000 per JAQASS. We are insane!

Didn't cross our minds to create a unique, sleek Special Forces unit to slide in and hunt them down one by one. This could be accomplished for less than $300 million alone. We are insane!

David Ignatius writes, "There has been much talk about how this war is Obama's Vietnam, but the president rejected the analogy:"

The Vietnamese never killed 3,000 people in America, as al Qaeda did. Correct ... they killed 58,000 American boys in the prime of their life but this apparently doesn't count because they didn't die on our soil.

We aren't fighting a nationalist movement in Afghanistan. Correct ... but after eight years there remains no nationalist movement in Afghanistan for us to support and not much chance there ever will be.

He isn't making an open-ended commitment. Wanna bet? Bin Laden laughs at us today. He taunts us. He'll be alive and taunting us in July 2011. Also. When we try to leave he and Mullah Omar will claim the JAQASSes won.

Shutter the school doors, close down the libraries, end or reduce social programs for Americans. Jobs? Don't need 'em. WaHaHa! Yes, Billy, we are insane!


Aloha Keahi ~
While President Obama's action may seem "shaky" to you ... we must not forget he isn't the one who got us bogged down in this quicksand. While I don't support staying longer in theater, I respect the fact that our current president didn't rush the decision - unlike the previous Commander in Chief whose hasty decision-making and public lies trapped us in Iraq and left us with a failed mission in Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama took time to study the matter comprehensively yet still delivers the additional troops in just six months - sooner than Gen. Stanley McChrystal had requested. A senior military officer told reporters today that the speedy deployment "gets McChrystal the most U.S. force in the fight as fast as possible and enough to help him gain the initiative."

If you knew anything about Afghanistan you would be aware that not much can be done during their harsh winters. Spring is when this conflict will intensify.

Mr. Bush and Republicans failed us for eight years - doubled our national debt - and left more dead bodies around the world than can be counted. So I think you should be careful when you talk about squandering "treasure and lives."