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December 30th, 2009 :: Permalink

Aloha kolea ~
Since I have great respect for you, I am very sad about your post ... you've fallen into the old, worn out Democrat practice - I know better; I'm smarter than people like Obama; I elected him to do it MY way; and if he doesn't get going, I'm going to dump him.

This is why the stereotype about working with Democrats is that it's like trying to herd cats. Everyone in the BIG TENT knows how to do it better and thus refuses to work together and have patience.

Barack Obama is one of the greatest men to reside in the White House. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber at this time of great crisis. He GETS it ... he understands the political and social realities facing America. Democrats need to open their eyes to these realities.

First, although you have infinite demands on this man, you were unable to give him the progressive majorities he needs in Congress to truly push needed legislation. Therefore he must reach across the isle. The Party of No promises him a Holy War; and your Party of No Faith has given up on him after 10-11 months.

Second, you're unhappy about his progress exiting Iraq. I have news for ALL of you - we cannot leave! To leave quickly would lead to war between Saudi Arabia and Iran - Sunni v. Shi'ite. "Woohoo! What a war! Let them Muslims kill each other."

Except oil would climb to $1,000/barrel - our economy as well as the world's would crash to Great Depression levels. Nobody knows how the U.S. can get out of Iraq. This is why GW Bush's rush into war was such a disaster. We can't get out ...

Third, you're unhappy about progress in Afghanistan. There's no military solution. Economic development is the only answer but this will take generations - and conditions aren't stable enough for real growth. The $30B surge simply kicks the can down the road ... buying us time, although we will have a legitimate opportunity for a negotiated truce next summer.

The Taleban, under Mullah Omar, have opened these doors. They're tired of fighting. We're demonstrating both political and military will with the surge. There will be intense fighting after the harsh winter ends. We hope to use this stick to encourage moderates to accept a peace solution. Obama and our generals know what they are doing. Keep your fingers crossed - that's the best option we have in this theater.

Fourth, you demand immediate help for Main Street. Show me the money! Our national debt will hit $12.4 TRILLION next month and $14 TRILLION by the end of FY10. Barack is a man, he cannot turn water into wine.

Yet I have given the leaders on this page relevant and workable solutions for Hawai'i - nobody has joined me.

I have written and asked the fed govt to cover our current state shortfall. This would save 1,000s of jobs; shore up and stabilize the public sector and allow the private sector to catch up. We need these services and embarrass ourselves by this continued and futile financial feud.

I have also written and asked that we turn the Rail project into a federal expressway, calling it H4. This would immediately end the related GET that is strangling kama'aina. Starting this project would create 1,000s of jobs, pump needed revenue into the local economy, put construction labor back to work, and help diversify our economy.

To date NOBODY has joined me in these calls for help.

Yet you write, We gotta start demanding stuff from Obama. For his own damn good.

I've given you STUFF ... for OUR OWN DAMN GOOD we need to work with this gifted man - rather than constantly criticize him. We must work together to rebuild our state and nation.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou in 2010 to all. I ask everyone to deeply examine their expectations and reevaluate their personal commitment to the future of our nation. We must compromise with each other; we must have patience, as these problems are structural. We didn't get here overnight and won't solve them in weeks, months or even years.