Hawaii governor to re-examine teacher furlough proposal

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December 31st, 2009 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, Hau'oli Makahiki Hou. What a year! We'll remember this one for a long time. Although President Obama made some progress pulling us back from the brink nationally, we all recognize that states will suffer greatly in 2010.

I've had a little fun with my post today ... sometimes "laughter is the best medicine." But that doesn't mean we aren't facing serious challenges. Let's celebrate tonight and toast our good friends and family ... and get ready to battle in 2010. It's going to be a dandy.

Flip Flop, Flip Flop ... when does it stop?
How many times will Ms. Lingle let the ball drop?

For furloughs - against furloughs: can't make up her mind ...
Frustrated parents and Keiki wait as she searches for da kine.

Linda Smith or Linda Lingle, who's running this show?
Either way they both f*cked up and need to go!

"highinthesierras" blames unions, didn't you see?
S/he believes our dedicated teachers should work for free.

School starts next week, better get going ...
Why is it that only our teachers are rowing?

Kama'aina scream claiming taxes are too high ...
Yet tonight they'll blow thousands shooting fireworks into the sky.

Months ago we offered a plan to the teacher's delight ...
For only $3/month per person we could end this fight.

Ms. Lingle prefers chaos and confusion, as her mind is hazy ...
She won't do the hard work, but calls everyone else lazy.

Superintendent Hamamoto and Chair Toguchi must wake up ...
Our current governor does not have a full cup!