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February 2, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
Absolutely, let's keep falsifying stories about alleged horrible affects from marijuana as a recreational herbal substance and medicinal product. Tell these lies to the family of Raelynn Aloha Adams who was crushed by an intoxicated driver - HIGH and ANGRY on alcohol.

Otherwise law-abiding people who use marijuana either for recreation or medicinal reasons are thrown in jail. This ties up law enforcement, courts and prisons. We face severe budget challenges yet spend millions flying state-of-the-art helicopters to search for weeds.

If private sector drug companies made this substance, it would have been legal in the 1930s. Unfortunately it's a common man's remedy and this isn't tolerated in WE THE CORPORATION America.

Alcohol makes people bullet-proof and belligerent. Marijuana both mellows people and their pain. I know ... I've used it for pain. Far better than VIOXX, which ripped my stomach and led to blood in my stool.

We lie to ourselves to go to war ... Saddam HAD weapons of mass destruction, didn't he?

We lie to ourselves that lower taxes and less government regulation will lead to more jobs and a solid middle class. How's your family take-home pay looking?

And, Jonathan Perri writes today in the LA Times that Skip Miller (covered previously by HA), D.A.R.E. Chair, has misled our schoolchildren for years and they no longer trust those over 30!

We lie to ourselves that prohibition works ... it doesn't. Regulation and education are the solutions.

As a volunteer in prisons I would rather have these parolees and probationers using pakalolo. Nearly all smoke tobacco and most drink alcohol.

As an expert in substance use and abuse I apologize to our Keiki for these continued deceptions. Hopefully the adults around you will soon grow up - our country and your future depend on it (and, frankly, it's not looking good right now).

Put them all on marijuana, and while we're at it, put all our leaders on it as well. I'm sick of the backbiting, sniping, belligerent and over-egotistical society we've created. Sit down with each other ... giggle a bit ... laugh a little ... and build an America we can be proud of again.

Yes, totally preposterous! Don't let them have aspirin either.