Super Sunday blues

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February 8, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
Mahalo Pat! David captured the madness, I did my patriotic duty and joined most of my countrymen in watching the Super Bowl ...

We can't get our best and brightest to serve our country in a time of war, thus our nation must beg for volunteer troops and hire mercenary private security contractors at 4-5 times the salary of a regular grunts.

People with lives of luxury who blog here complain endlessly about taxes they are required to pay for this wonderful freedom we all share.

Millions and millions and millions of dollars were spent yesterday on advertising. The Super Bowl isn't a game, it's simply a means to get eyeballs in front of products.

Some 600 confused and angry people, championed by Tancredo and Palin, kicked off their ANTI-TAX rally in Nashville. Yet how much are consumers TAXED every day as we must pay the added advertising costs that support billionaire sports owners, multi-millionaire athletes and their lavish sports systems?

David delights in the Saints' football victory, as it reminds him of a great city that was almost washed away four years ago. While America spends billions of dollars for chips, beer, new cars, and watching grown men in tight pants and pads grope each other in front of millions (tell me again why so many oppose gay civil unions), we ignore our patriotic duty to rebuild New Orleans and our nation.