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January 21, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
Of course Republican Charles Djou will win. Democrats have failed ... Massachusetts clearly proves this. Woohoo!!!

After eight years of Republican leadership resulting in the total collapse of America and world, Barack Obama and his party have failed to turn us all into millionaires in 6, 8 or even 12 months. Socialists!

Private Sad Sack Obama, collaborating with our nation's top generals, reduced U.S. presence in Iraq to some 110,000 troops from around 160,000. This has taken the American face off the occupation and allowed Iraqis to begin the hard work to unify their nation. No American face? Throw dem bums out!

Clueless Obama focused world attention on Afghanistan under direction of our top generals setting up an epic battle this spring against extremist Taleban and al-Qaida remnants. Freakin' idiots!

Patty-cake Obama and Democrats reached across the isle to craft economic recovery legislation that pulled us from the brink of our nation's 2nd largest financial collapse in history. Recovery from the Great Depression took 20+ years. Can you believe Obama and Democrats have needed a year? Tar and feather the incompetent liberals!

Although the Army missed and glossed over warning signs from Major Nidal Hasan who massacred 13 American heroes at Ft. Hood, Barack Hussein Obama, a confirmed Muslim by Rush and Drudge, refused to step in front of the bullets to protect our troops. What a coward!

Umar Abdulmutallab tried to blow up an airliner landing in Detroit. Can you believe Barack Obama wasn't hiding in the overhead rack to stop this potentially tragic attack? He was sharing Shave Ice with his daughters. Lack of priorities!

Compassionate-less Obama reacting to the Haitian disaster, which captured world attention these past weeks, has led to chants of USA .. USA ... USA. I long for leaders who prefer fly-overs and watch from their airplane windows as entire cities are lost. Boil dem creeps in oil!

Wasteful Obama and Democrats reduced my taxes. What nerve to treat our struggling MOST RICH in this manner. In addition Obama and Democrats improved the care and treatment of our veterans, and pumped billions into education and social programs. They spent at least ONE trillion. Bush Republicans blew through some SIX trillion - and look what we got in return. Truly senseless liberals!

This is the leader of the free and liberal world. We cannot stomach much more. America must not be respected. She must be feared! This nation cannot survive widespread prosperity. Only poor and destitute masses will tolerate market-based wages and decreasing job opportunities in this global era.

Bring back the GOP ... Happy days are just around the bend!!!