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January 22, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
I'm not sure why there is so much whining ... who didn't see this coming?

Decades ago leaders on the Right committed to overturning Great Society and New Deal programs. They advocated lower taxes - initially at the federal level - and promised more jobs and increased prosperity for all (OK, maybe just for the MOST RICH: source).

They hoped to lock us into foreign wars and expensive internal security needs so they could squeeze social services. They promised these changes would make us stronger as a nation.

Thus more and more social responsibility has been passed to states and municipalities. As pressures for greater local public revenue grew the "TEA-bagger" movement demanded further tax cuts closer to home as well.

Low taxes ... low taxes ... ever lower taxes. What politician could stand against this? Those who did were voted out. Nobody dares to suggest raising taxes today - unless on the poorest members of society - G.E.T it?

User fees are up. Services are down. The middle class is collapsing. Faced with a tough recession, massive national debt and fighting in foreign quagmires, there is little help from the federal government. Hawai'i is virtually on its own.

Take a walk and look around today. We're winning, don't you see? Clearly we're the happiest people on the planet - well, at least our grandparents were.

Communist China is growing by 10.7% in a tough world economy while the good ole USA, capitalistic leader of the free world, is laboring to hit 3.0%.

China's TOP marginal tax rate is 45% for those making over $200,000 per year. Our TOP marginal tax rate is 35% for those making over $300,000 per year.

China is wealthy enough to loan a broke America billions and billions and billions. They make most of the products we buy and more cars were sold in China last year than here at home.

So, Ms. Linda Kato, please don't retire. We need you! Yet keep in mind I am a dreaded tax and spend liberal - rather than a borrow and bankrupt Republican.

I would increase taxes on our MOST RICH to help the middle class and ensure you have air conditioning as well as toilet paper.

Borrowing two words from our Compassionate Conservative Right to help you during our distressing times - as they want you to be stronger:

... banana leaves ...