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January 26, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha Michael ~
You wrote, ... as a loser, I'm not one. I never said you were. Yet after reading your posts it's unclear you understand what I am saying.

I am talking about gotcha politics. The day after my post David validated my comments. He pointed to a gotcha piece published by Politico - a leading group in gotcha politics today.

Politico wants you to believe Mufi is somehow slimy for seeking an endorsement from President Obama. This is gotcha politics because EVERY politician seeks endorsements. And, in a representative democracy as we have here in America, endorsements play a valid and necessary role.

Editors and corporate executives love gotcha stories. Did you know Tiger has a harem of White sex slaves? While these are essentially manini issues, as innocent observer eloquently points out, they contain sufficient drama to capture viewer eyeballs. The adage, if it bleeds it leads, dominates our for-profit press.

The result is an increasingly disillusioned and cynical public - which fits perfectly with the strategy of the extreme right who represent about 15-20% of the American citizenry. This is how they split our ranks. This is one reason why we don't show up to vote; why we give up on our own political leaders.

If only the masses would remain focused on issues that mattered ... does Mufi's action affect your take home pay or whether you have a job? Does Hannemann's presence at Hanauma Bay affect our Keiki and Furlough Fridays? No, to both.

These red-hearing reports serve only to distract Americans, primarily the middle class, from issues that do matter. Each day we are spoon fed another manini issue to lather us in a frenzy of simpleton political discourse. Editors look for writers who do this because their corporate executives demand profit - not reasoned discourse. Writers who focus on issues important to middle class families are soon thrown under da bus.

And, guess what? Akaka is going digital and has a new fangled and redesigned website. Woohoo! Good or bad? Let's hear from the right and left on this issue.

Yes, let's ... and let's ignore the Pentagon budget, which is bankrupting America. Their discretionary spending will not be subject to a budget freeze. They are not required to act in a fiscally disciplined manner. America will put more than $750 BILLION on the national credit card to search for less than 100 al-Qaida extremists this year.

Hey, Senator Akaka, it's really cool to see you have a fan page on Facebook.

Auwe ...