MZB finalizes Kaua'i Coffee acquisition

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March 30, 2011 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
Yes, truly, truly sad! "Zanetti said the company's working mission is to be an entrepreneur, to create business and employment for Kaua'i."

FALSE: The working mission (by law) of any corporation is simply to maximize profit. This isn't being cynical. It's just a fact.

Zanetti came across Kaua'i Coffee four years ago - he saw a good business deal ... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Zanetti acquired the company from Alexander and Baldwin. They saw a good business deal ... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Yet to continually increase profits, labor will be reduced in number; and salaries will be reduced as much as possible.

One day Kaua'i coffee will look like the MickyDee's in 'Ele'ele - local labor working for close to minimum wage and profits flowing off-island.

The wealth of Kaua'i will flow to Brasilian and other investors; the 'aina of Kaua'i will be used to make money for foreign owners.

This is the reality of capitalism - an economic system that eats its own.