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September 26th, 2009 :: Permalink

Aloha "Hazel's Mama" ~
You wrote, "Good luck trying to dismiss all of us that support Godly men and women in politics with your blanket statements, stereotypes and poor analyzing skills!"

I believe you're missing the point. I, and many others who think like me, do not "dismiss" godly men. We desperately want the political arena to be "religious-neutral." This isn't the same as religious-free. We recognize people come to the table with different spiritual backgrounds - we simply do not want to be TOLD how to believe.

As Ken Conklin points out in his essay on gay unions, government should not be in the business of dictating to religious organization how to set their standards for marriage. Conversely, religious organizations should not demand that their particular flavor of religious doctrine be FORCED on the public.

Abortion is another example. Some religions claim life begins at conception. Others have different interpretations. Science is unable to settle this dispute. Those who believe abortion is wrong should seek alternative solutions in case of an unwanted pregnancy. Yet one religion should not have the power to DEMAND all Americans subscribe to their views.

And for those who claim they are justified in blocking abortion due to their belief this destroys an emerging life, I would support their cause if they would equally demand an end to Capital Punishment and all form of war. Championing an end to abortion while cheering our troops in a war zone is logically inconsistent and hypocritical.

For these reasons, matters of faith should remain in our hearts and tolerance for differing beliefs and opinions should rein in the public arena.