The empire strikes back

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December 22nd, 2009 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
It's hard to muster sympathy ... Yes, we have become a cynical and selfish society. We have no sympathy for the other guy any longer. I'll just grab mine and let the sh*t run downhill to the least powerful political group.

Our teachers and Keiki suffered first. Now counties are targeted ... add delayed tax refunds to families living month to month. Take away life insurance programs. If a worker dies the whole families collapses - yet we save PENNIES.

O'ahu's property tax is $3.42 per $1,000 of valuation. Friends in New Mexico pay $12.87 per $1,000. Owners of multi-million dollar condos and homes here skate by - while middle class and working families collapse.

What a great social study! Reminds me of Hitler's Germany. Storm troopers breaking down doors to take a family away while neighbors hid in silence. As long as it happens to the other family ...

Keep lying to yourselves ... our tax structure is KILLING our state and nation. See America's Wealthy Wage War Against the Middle Class