flASHback: No deficit of baloney

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January 28, 2010 :: Permalink

Aloha ~
HA posts a front page article today titled, Lingle review of Honolulu rail plan could delay start.

Our state and nation are facing a jobless recovery and Lingle's position means that even if she ultimately signs off on the project, construction will be unable to begin for months.

In President Obama's SOTU address he pointed out that his administration allocated some $8 BILLION for rapid transit. Sadly Hawai'i doesn't have any leaders who understand how to tap into these critical sources of funding. The Rail project would be an excellent addition to this program.

O'ahu residents (and visitors) remain tapped due to high GET burdens and Obama is begging for job creation opportunities. The Rail project is an excellent Keynesian remedy. If anyone wishes to talk story about a deficit of sense, they should begin right here.